The vision for Transformation Church was birthed 4 years ago in the heart of our Lead Pastors Michael & Carolyn Chandler. At the time, Michael was a Worship Pastor serving at our mother church, New Hope Church in Abilene Texas. God clearly spoke to him through several prophetic voices, and confirmed the call, that he and his wife would plant a church, and that it would bring city-wide transformation.

At Transformation, we have a declaration that we declare every week. It’s the heartbeat of our church. We believe that everyone is valued by God.



Everyone has NAME… Everyone has a STORY… Everyone is LOVED BY GOD

And because of Jesus… I AM A LIFE TRANSFORMED!


On September 17, 2017, Transformation Church was launched at the new Cinemark Theater on the north side of Abilene. We have seen God’s miraculous provision though out the first several months of the church being established. In just the first two months, dozens of people have already accepted Christ and that’s just the beginning.

In order to desires and calling for community outreach, Transformation Church is hosting a Pallet Sign Party Fundraiser on December 2, 2017 from 10am-3pm at our New Hope Campus at 3122 S. Clack, Abilene.

You can choose any design from the website or a custom sign design by ordering anytime online no later than Tuesday, November 28th.  There will also be pre-designed signs to choose from for walk-ins.

For larger signs, you must be on location and ready to begin by 2pm.  Smaller sizes may begin up until 3 pm.

fundraiser sizes

Pallet Size Options

24 x 5 1/2  –  $25  – Transformation Church gets $18

24 x 11  –  $35  – Transformation Church gets $26

16 x 16  –  $45  – Transformation Church gets $33

21 x16  –  $50  – Transformation Church gets $37

20 1/2 x 32  –  $80  – Transformation Church gets $60

Be prepared to have a fun time while making a beautiful piece of decor for your home, or as a gift, all while supporting Transformation Church!

Go to the Designs section of the website to view designs for the 16 x16 (square designs), 21 x16 and 20 1/2 x 32 signs.  I will be adding designs for the 24 x 5 1/2 and 24 x 11 sizes and you can also order custom designs.

Orders will be placed through the Big Country Pallet Parties by Tami ordering website and will only be taken until Tuesday, November 28th.  A variety of sizes and designs will be offered at the event for those not able to pre-order.

For questions concerning the fundraiser

Contact: Michael Chandler (325) 370-8075

For questions about placing orders or designs:

Contact Tami Romer (601) 590-2414 or

Look through the DESIGNS and when ready to order, click HERE and place your order for the Transformation Church Fundraising Event.

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