Everyone needs a time relax and unwind with friends. That is what Pallet Parties are all about.  You will be provided with everything you need to create your own Masterpiece.  No worry, artistic skills are not required!

With Big Country Pallet Parties, we provide a worry-free experience for you to host a unique get-together or party. We supply all materials and instruction, you provide the location. Invite the participants you want to your party and enjoy the privacy of your friends and family. Book a party for your chosen date and time, hold it at the location of your choice.  As the hostess, you automatically get a 50% discount off the pallet sign of your choice as our thank you.  Can it get any better?  Absolutely!  You will earn an extra 10% discount for each additional guest (past the minimum). It does NOT stop at 100%.  If you have 12 guest, that’s 110%.  You will get your sign for free and have a 10% discount to use at another party.   Also, you earn a 10% discount for each party that gets booked from yours PRIOR to your party being held.  Earn a 5% discount for each party booked at your party or within 1 week after.  You can rack up the discounts!!!

After confirming your date with me and booking your party, refer your participants to our website. They’ll then make their choice of design and will place the order online. On the day of your party, we’ll bring everyone’s predetermined design as well as the materials necessary to create.